Seacoast Sweets: The Story

Seacoast Sweets: The Story

Seacoast Sweets started with the original Peppermint Patty. For years candy patties were made at the holidays and handed out to friends and family. As word of mouth spread a demand for more patties gave birth to Seacoast Sweets. 3 new flavors were added and by 2015 it was a full time business. In 2018 Danielle and Kevin purchased the young company from Kirstyn Pearl and moved the company to Rhode Island from Massachusetts.  

Since then, Seacoast Sweets has continued to grow online, in destination hotels throughout New England, tourist locations, wedding and events, at boutique retailers, and as a popular corporate gift. 

About the Company

We are a family-owned and operated small batch candy-maker in New England. Seacoast Sweets started making patties in 2010 in Newburyport, MA and moved to Rhode Island in 2018. 

About the Owners

Kevin is a former Navy flyboy and Danielle a former retail executive. Danielle grew up in MA and spent her summers on Cape Cod. Kevin grew up in RI and spent his summers on Narragansett Bay, Newport, and the beaches of South County. "We have so much to be grateful for - each other, three children, a chocolate company, and being in New England with our extended family - life is good. We hope you enjoy our candy."



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